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Diffutherm's research and development focuses on the development of coatings, adhesives and sealants, for the automotive aftermarket and other branches of industry.

A specialized, dynamic team conducts research into both the optimization of existing products and the development of new ones. Among the team's key tasks is the implementation of customer recipes using our existing infrastructure.

The development and implementation take place on the basis of customer-oriented questions or market developments in the areas of quality assurance and environmental protection.

Corrosion tests are performed to investigate the products' corrosion properties. Tensile and shear stress measurements on both wet and dry material provide information concerning the performance and processing of various materials. With the aid of a stone chip resistance tester and/or linear taber abraser the wear resistance of the various products can be measured.

Temperature and environmental effects on our products are simulated using various methods, such as UV and salt spray tests.

Many analyses are performed both continuously and cyclically. Ultimately, the aim of the analyses and tests is to achieve the best possible product and production process at the lowest cost price within the parameters of the customer's requirements.



All the major equipment available in our laboratory is listed below:

Anton Paar rheometers

Brookfielt RVT/LVT

MasterEmaco (formerly Rheomix) penetration meters

Flow cup viscometers, DIN cup and Ubbelohde

Pendulum hardness tester, König and Persoz methods

Stone chip resistance tester with Auer blast cabinet

Zwick materials testing machine for measuring tensile and shear stress

Atlas Suntest xenon arc tester for measuring UV resistance

Weiss environmental test chamber (-30 °C to 180 °C)

Erichsen and Ascot salt spray chambers for DIN 50021 and various cyclic corrosion tests (CCT-2, etc.)

Condensation water test equipment (DIN 50017) for testing the resistance of coatings to extreme water exposure

Additionally, for optimizing various mixing processes:

various dissolvers, planetary mixer, Z kneaders and a stamping kneader

A static mixer, UT and colloid mill A laboratory roller mill for mastication of rubber

We are well equipped to help you develop new products for existing and new applications!