Black and Sticky

Black and Sticky project

Chemicals are complex and dynamic, and sometimes they are able to surprise even our most experienced operators and engineers. And since our Quality Control department isn't the most forgiving of them all, we end up with products that fall just outside our high standard specifications. Since sustainability is one of our main pillars, Diffutherm strives to reduce waste in its processes. And exactly this combination inspired us for our project 'Black & Sticky': a green initiative to prevent 'just-out-of-spec' products from going to the trash.

What does Black and Sticky mean?

So how does it work? Whenever we have a batch of a "just-out-of-spec." product, our R&D department will assess whether it is viable for market use or not. We will not offer products that are not viable for use, they will be re-used or – as a last resort – scrapped. Our QC department then communicates the certificate of analysis of this batch, and our sales department makes an offer package containing the original technical data sheet, the certificate of analysis and an offer sheet for this product. The offer sheets contain additional information such as the packaging and the available volume.

The advantages of Black and Sticky are obvious:

  • immediate availability since in stock (no delivery times);
  • attractive purchase prices;
  • transparent product specifications;
  • products immediately ready for transport.

This enables you to create market opportunities and grow your sales and margins: introduce new products, open doors to specific markets and regions, special promotions, and much more.

This special opportunity comes with a disclaimer, about which we want to be completely transparent. Offers are based on product availability, which cannot be guaranteed or predicted. Product warranty is limited to the specifications stated in the Certificate of Analysis in the product offer package.


We look forward to your company's participation in this sustainable business initiative! If you would like to participate, let us know and we will send you a confirmation of your participation along with the 'rules of the game'. Right now we have five exciting product opportunities waiting for you to participate, so you don't have to waste time… or product!

Would you like to participate or would you like more information? Then you can contact us by sending an email to or call +31 (0) 497 749 000