Private Label Markets

Diffutherm gives your products a longer lifespan and higher quality.

We do this for different manufacturers in various markets:

Stone chips, corrosion, air and noise: they can have a major impact on the quality and enjoyment of use of cars, buses, trucks, recreational vehicles such as campers and caravans and other motor vehicles. Diffutherm traditionally supplies a large part of its products to the manufacturers (OEM) of these vehicles and the associated aftermarket. They work together with major car manufacturers and are therefore familiar with different quality systems and requirements, whereby the long-term resistance of products, the delivery reliability and the constant search for innovative solutions ensure that Diffutherm is seen as an important partner.

Thanks to a wide variety of filling machines, the products can be supplied in different packaging, ranging from tankers, containers and barrels to spray cans and other small packaging. At the choice of the customer, the packaging can be lithographed, printed or labelled.

Diffutherm has various technologies and a wide portfolio of products for many applications in the construction of buses and the railway market. Thanks to our many years of experience as a preferred supplier, we are able to respond to the dynamic changes that occur in market demand. New and innovative bus and train designs require innovative solutions. For this dynamic sector, Diffutherm supplies products that contribute to the safety and sustainability of trains, trams and metros. Some of our products are fire retardant and NEN-4554 certified. Diffutherm is your designated specialist partner in this.

Diffutherm offers suppliers and manufacturers of building materials an extensive range of maintenance products for bitumen and synthetic roofs. Diffutherm specializes in adhesives for bonding bituminous roof coverings, insulation boards and synthetic roofing membranes. In addition, various sealing products and sound-absorbing coatings are also available.

A range of modern production means is available to the client to fill his own formulations or the recipes of Diffutherm, in a wide range of packaging types (cans, drums, buckets, tubes, etc.). Naturally, we take into account the wishes and specifications of our partners and its customers, as well as national and international (packaging) regulations.

A broad market full of possibilities requires various applications. Diffutherm seizes this opportunity with both hands and develops various products for industry and construction!


For many years, Diffutherm has been producing a wide range of products that are used in the construction of recreational vehicles such as caravans, motorhomes, caravans and folding trailers. Diffutherm has long been a renowned and reliable partner for many (OEM) manufacturers of recreational vehicles.