Sealing products

Diffutherm sealants for sealing screw and nut connections, sealing rubber-glass connections and sealing overlaps and joints in vehicle construction, metal construction and industry. Suitable for use between metal, glass, GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic), wood and other materials.

We are happy to inform you which sealing products best suit your application and your wishes. The areas of application are as follows:

  • Sealing overlaps and joints, eg in vehicle construction;
  • Sealing screw and nut connections;
  • Sealing of glass-metal structures for the construction and trade of vehicles;
  • Sealing when installing windows and skylights;
  • construction and repair of caravans and motorhomes;

Sealing products

Sealant, Permanent Plastic, does not cure, Poly-Iso-Butyl (PIB), not paintable

Sealant, Permanent Plastic, Butyl-Rubber Base, Skin Forming, Paintable

Butyl based sealing strips, permanent plastic

Dipro 2252

Dipro 2256, 2257

Dipro 2255, 1336

The above products are available in various packaging formats, types and dimensions. If you are interested in these or other products or would like to request a quote, please contact our specialized technical sales team for further (technical) information via