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Durable, reliable and efficient! Diffutherm has been the partner for toll manufacturing and the production of underbody coatings, adhesives and seals for over 50 years. With our expertise, state-of-the-art materials and excellent facilities, we focus on unburdening our customers. Our specialists work with the latest techniques and are of course fully aware of the latest safety requirements. Safety is our number 1 priority.

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Our modern business site of no less than 26,000 m2 in Hapert (North Brabant) has 5000 m2 of production space and a 9000m2 warehouse from which we serve our customers from various markets. A small selection of our machines? 17 mixers, 5 z-blade kneaders, 11 vertical and horizontal mixers, 3 butterfly dissolvers and 4 heatable and coolable mixers. In addition, we have 30 solvent storage tanks, 30 mixing and cooling tanks with agitators and 3 Atex filling machines.

This makes us not only a solid supplier of an extensive collection of private label products, but also the partner for Toll manufacturing.

SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality)

Working with chemistry involves risks. We are very well aware of that. That is why we at Diffutherm work according to the latest quality and environmental standards. Our premises are designed to minimize environmental, health and safety risks.

We put safety first!

  • Diffutherm has the ISO9001, ISO 14001 and Ecovadis certificates;
  • Our machines are ergonomic, safer for our employees and require less maintenance;
  • Diffutherm employees are aware of the latest safety requirements and are trained non-stop in safety and safety improvements;
  • Our R&D department never stands still. Every day we are committed to products that are kinder to the environment and people.

Product Technologies

Our 'Product Technologies team' is involved on a daily basis with the optimization of existing products and the development of new products. Safer, better, more beautiful, faster or cheaper: our dynamic team of specialists is always looking for optimization opportunities. We closely follow the developments in the market in the field of quality and the environment. In addition, our team handles specific (product) questions together with our customers and implement customer recipes in our infrastructure.

What else do we test & research?

  • Corrosion behaviour;
  • Tensile and shear stress measurements;
  • Stone chips and linear taber abraser;
  • Temperature and weather influences (including UV and salt spray tests).

We test and analyze both continuously and cyclically. Together with you as a customer, we work towards an even better product/service offering, in which safety, people and the environment predominate.

R&D lab

R&D (Research and Development)

Diffutherm Research and Development is engaged in the development of coatings, adhesives and sealants for, among others, the automotive aftermarket.

A specialized and dynamic team carries out research into both the optimization of existing products and the development of new products. One of the core tasks is the implementation of customer recipes in our existing infrastructure.

The development and implementation takes place on the basis of customer-oriented questions or on the basis of market developments in the field of quality and the environment.

Many analyzes are performed both continuously and cyclically. Ultimately, the aim of analyzes and tests is to arrive at the best and cheapest possible product/production process within the customer's requirements profile.

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