Diffutherm, your partner for Toll Manufacturing.

Why Toll manufacturing?

The production of (complex) chemical products requires knowledge, skill, capacity and flexibility. Safety is a top priority and working with specialists is a requirement. Only then can you guarantee the highest quality. That demands a lot from you and your organisation.

Working with specialists is expensive, keeping abreast of the latest legislation is necessary, but also time-consuming. Thanks to innovations, the necessary machines are increasingly better, but also more expensive to purchase. Producing in our own factory gives you as an organisation challenges, risks and limitations.

Toll manufacturing offers a solution for all these issues. So it is not surprising that more and more companies decide for outsourcing their chemical production.

Motivations to choose toll manufacturing?

  • It is cost-saving;
  • Complying with strict legislation requires (too) much from your own organisation;
  • You cannot scale up within your own organisation and you have a lack of volume/capacity;
  • Your current factory is about to shut down and you are looking for an option to take over all or part of your production;
  • Chemical production raises many safety issues. You want to limit risks;
  • You have a lack of technical (professional) resources;
  • The costs for development, design and delivery of the necessary machines are high – Capital Expenditures (Capex);
  • You work outside the EU and aim for a foothold in Europe.

We take care of the production, while you will focus on the marketing of your products!

Why Diffutherm for Toll Manufacturing?

Diffutherm from Hapert in Brabant is the expert in the field of Toll manufacturing. We support you with capacity, processes and infrastructure. Together with you, we rise to the challenge! And all this with our philosophy: Plug & Play in 1 week.

  • Technical qualified sales people;
  • Dedicated customer support team;
  • Certified DG experts;
  • Competent R&D staff;
  • Excellent and modern production and laboratory facilities;
  • Discrete and reliable partner;
  • Global player; knowledge of local laws and regulations regarding production and supply/export of chemicals;
  • By experience with complex outsourcing issues we offer support and advice;
  • Major world players choose Diffutherm as their Toll manufacturer.

Why should you work with Diffutherm?

Businessmodel & Co-creation

Cooperation is the focal point of our work- jointly with you as our client as well as with our suppliers and investors. We are always transparent in this respect. Our business model is completely open, just let us know what you are looking for. We will find solution concepts to dissipate your concerns. In co-creation sessions, together with you, we arrive at a clear plan of approach in a short period of time. Our open book calculation gives you insight into our price structure. No surprises afterwards!  

Willingness to invest & Capacity

Do you want to scale up? Expand and increase your capacity? At Diffutherm you have the opportunity to grow immediately. We think along with you and support you in the growth of your company.

Champion in safety

Safety is top priority at any time. You will notice this in all our facets. Diffutherm offers state-of-the-art facilities operated by highly skilled and experienced staff with founded knowledge of the market. Our processes? They are lean and efficient. As a result, outsourcing is not only relieving you from concerns, but also saves you costs. All production is traceable: with us you know exactly what, where, when and how something was produced.