Why Diffutherm for Toll Manufacturing?

Our production capacity and storage facilities enable us to offer a confidential toll manufacture service, where we can produce and package adhesives according to your requirements.

Chemique has provided and continues to provide this service for a range of companies. Our knowledge in this area also gives you the expertise and assistance needed to develop your products and also gives you the assurance of quality.

Toll manufacturing is especially suitable for already established companies that have increased their production needs, for companies that want to start in the chemical industry or for any company that wants to outsource its products to save costs.

Our toll manufacture service offers the possibility to produce small scale laboratory samples up to full bulk production and even simple repacking services. This service is available in a wide range of adhesive technologies.

If you are looking for a reputable accredited manufacturing facility for your manufacturing requirements, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Diffutherm from Hapert in Brabant is the expert in Toll Manufacturing. We support you with capacity, processes and infrastructure. We will take on the challenge together with you! And all this with our philosophy: Plug & Play in one week.

  • Technical qualified sales persons;
  • Dedicated customer support team;
  • Certified DG specialists;
  • Expert R&D personnel;
  • Excellent and modern production and laboratory facilities;
  • Discreet and reliable partner;
  • Global player; knowledge of local laws and regulations regarding production and supply/export of chemicals;
  • We can help and advise you with experience with complex issues related to outsourcing;
  • Major global players choose Diffutherm as their toll manufacturer.

Why should you partner with Diffutherm?

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Business model & Co-creation

Collaboration is central to us. Together with you as a client, but also with our suppliers and our investors. We are always extremely transparent in this regard. Our business model is completely open and transparent. What are you looking for? How can we unburden you? In co-creation sessions, together with you, we arrive at a clear plan of action in a short period of time. Our open book calculation gives you insight into our price structure. So no surprises afterwards!

Willingness to invest & capacity

Do you want to scale up? Expand and increase your capacity? At Diffutherm you immediately have the opportunity for growth. We think along with you and support you in the growth of your company.

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Champion in safety

Safety is our top priority. You will notice this in all our facets. Diffutherm offers you state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled and experienced staff with optimal knowledge of the market. Our processes? They are lean and efficient. As a result, outsourcing is not only unburdening for you, but also cost-effective. All production is traceable: with us you know exactly what, where, when and how something was produced.